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We have something special that can excite any airsoft player. Alchemy Airsoft brings to you an exclusive collection of the best automatic airsoft pistols at the most economical price. Our airsoft guns are well-designed, reliable, easy to use, and feel realistic. Do not hold your excitement back. Start shopping!

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Rws Walther Ppq M2 Air Pistol - .177 Pellet Co2 Powered


Rws walther ppq m2 air pistol.177 pellet co2 powered Other Features: Full metal construction 19 shot drop free magazine

Rws Glock 19 Gen3 .177-bb Air - Pistol Co2 Powered Black


Rws glock 19 gen3.177/bb air pistol co2 powered black FEATURES: Caliber .177 BB Model Glock 19 Series Gen3 Type CO2 Finish Black Action DAO Sights Fixed Scope No Slide Description Metal Slide Stock Black Capacity...

Umarex Glock 19 Gen3 6mm Air - Soft Co2 Powered Black


Umarex glock 19 gen3 6mm air soft co2 powered black Other Features: Glock 19 gen3 replica drop free magazine double action only shoots 6mm airsoft bb's

Sig Air-226f-177-12g-16-blk - P226 .177 Pellet Co2 16rd Blk


Sig air-226f-177-12g-16-blk p226.177 pellet co2 16rd blk FEATURES-.177 pellet-Rifled steel barrel-Full blowback, metal slide-Metal frame-Textured grip-White dot sights-Built-in lower Picatinny rail mount-Patented CO2 cartridge system-Up to 510 FPS velocity-12g CO2 cartridge-16 round capacity (8x2) Other...

Rws Beretta Apx Air Pistol - .177-bb Co2 Powered


Rws beretta apx air pistol.177/bb co2 powered FEATURES-Beretta APX-Caliber: .177-Barrel: 4.17"-Velocity: 400 FPS-CO2 powered-Double action trigger-Steel BBs-Fixes sights-Manual safety-19 round capacity-Overall length: 7.48" Other Features: Live slide action displays the beretta logo authentic look &...

Techna Clip Handgun Retention - Clip Springfield Xds Ambi


Techna clip handgun retention clip springfield xds ambi FEATURES-Fits Springfield XDS-Right hand / Left hand-Spring steel-No gunsmithing required Other Features: No gunsmithing!

Sig Air-1911wtp-bb .177bb We - The People 12gr.co2 Air Pistol


Sig air-1911wtp-bb.177bb we the people 12gr.Co2 air pistol FEATURES: Caliber .177 BB Model 1911 Series We The People Type Air Pistol Action Semi-Auto Sights 3 Dot White Scope No Slide Description Distressed Stainless Steel Capacity...

Daisy Winchester Model 11 Co2 - .177 Bb Semi-auto Pistol


Daisy winchester model 11 co2.177 bb semi-auto pistol Other Features: Blade front with fixed open rear sight solid metal construction blowback action manual trigger block safety

Crosman Vigilante 357 Revolver - .177 Bb & Pellet Co2 Powered


Crosman vigilante 357 revolver.177 bb & pellet co2 powered FEATURES-Black synthetic stock-Rifled barrel-10-shot rotary clip - pellets-6-shot rotary clip - BBs-Fixed bladefront sight-Fully adjustable rear sight-Hammer block safety-435 fps velocity Other Features: 10 shot.177 pellet...

Crosman 1911 .177 Bb Pistol - Co2 Powered Air Pistol


Crosman 1911.177 bb pistol co2 powered air pistol FEATURES-Polymer frame with checkered grips-Precision steel barrel-20-shot magazine - BBs-Fixed front sight-Fixed notch rear sight-Crossbolt safety-480 fps velocity Other Features: Polymer frame with checkered grips, precision steel...

Umarex T4e P2p Hdp Pepper Ball - Co2 Pistol .50 Cal 6-shot


Umarex t4e p2p hdp pepper ball co2 pistol.50 cal 6-shot Other Features: Includes 10-pepper balls, 10-rubber balls, 1-squeegee power source 12 gram co2 orange slide with black frame

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Types of Airsoft Pistols

There is no dearth of options when finding the right type of automatic airsoft pistol at Alchemy Airsoft.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What are the types of airsoft pistols?

    There are mainly 3 types of airsoft pistols available on the market.

    Gas Powered Pistol: It is powered by pressurized green or CO2 gas to shoot the BBs. Available in blowback and non-blowback models. Powerful, efficient but is unsuitable for bad weather conditions.

    Electric Powered Pistol: Enjoy the ultimate airsoft gun experience with electric pistols. The most popular choice among airsoft players. Powered by an electric motor with a rechargeable battery. Offers both semi-automatic and automatic firing.

    Spring Powered Pistol: Most basic and cheap option. Easy to operate and reliable. Ideal for entry-level airsoft players. It uses mechanical energy, so no need to worry about charging. Works well in all weather conditions.

  • 2. What is the difference between an airsoft gun and a BB gun?

    At the first glance, both an airsoft gun and a BB gun may look similar. However, they are different.

    Use: BB guns are mainly used for military training or target practice. While airsoft guns are used in military simulation games and for military training purposes.

    Power: BB guns fire pellets at faster velocities than airsoft guns.

    Ammunition: BB guns use metal, lead, or steel pellets while airsoft guns shoot light-weight and plastic pellets.

    Speed: BB guns shoot at speed of 91 to 152.4 meters per second. Whereas airsoft guns are slow and shoot at a speed of 55 to 91 meters per second.

    Safe: BB guns can cause personal or property damage. While airsoft guns are safe to use and will not cause any damage.

  • 3. Are airsoft pistols legal in the US?

    Since airsoft pistols are not classified as firearms, they are legal to use under federal laws. However, you must be 18 years of age or older to purchase an airsoft gun in the USA.

  • 4. Which brands of airsoft pistols do you stock?

    At Alchemy Airsoft, we stock the best range of airsoft pistols for sale from brands like

    • Blue Line Diana
    • Crosman
    • Daisy
    • Sig
    • Techna Clips
    • Umarex USA
  • 5. What is the difference between an airsoft rifle and a pistol?

    Pistols and rifles are two different forms of airsoft guns.

    Pistol: Less powerful, Holds fewer rounds, Lightweight, Easy to carry and operate, Cost-effective, Not so good reach, Less rate of fire, Smaller in size, Less ammunition capacity, Less accurate

    Rifle: More powerful, Holds more rounds at one time, Heavy in weight, Difficult to move with, Expensive, Better reach, Shoots at a higher velocity, Large size, More ammunition capacity, High accuracy